Our story

We started Olivan Kai in 2018 after a journey of backpacking and volunteering. There was something about the eat, sleep, work, repeat, lifestyle… that didn’t really appeal to us.
We  knew we wanted to be a part of something that could grow, that could help others and give back to our mamma earth so we decided to create something of our own. Originally a platform for sustainable brands, we are now becoming a brand of our own and are excited for what’s to come!
The red crowned crane in our logo holds the beauty of what we wish to represent: purity and nobleness. Honest and fair fashion.

Our Materials

We work hard to find the most sustainable options available and we put time into sourcing fabrics that are natural and biodegradable. Even more time goes into finding manufacturers that are safe and fair. 

We work with a range of natural fibres from organic cotton to cork and jute. We also upcycle old stock from factories that would otherwise be thrown away. 

  • Our cork fabric is sourced directly from the Mediterranean from suppliers that are PETA vegan approved.
  • Our cotton is purchased from Europe and India and is certified organic.
  • Our packaging is made with recycled card and vegetable based dyes